• We operate in our 5000 sq. feet Warehouse in Elmwood Park, New Jersey.
  • We are very close to main ports, airports, and New York City.

100% Customer Satisfaction

  • We value our customers and we see them as our family.
  • Our main priority is to provide 100% customer satisfaction and do our best to solve any problems

Proactive Approach

  • We can be proactive and solution oriented in any case we face, both in production and sales activities.

Transparency in Daily Operations

  • It is important to share the information with our clients.
  • We provide full transparency in our daily operations
  • Regularly, we inform our customers about their orders.


  • Due to our company values, being accountable is crucial in our way of doing business.
  • We like being accountable and working with our clients with full trust.

Easy Dialogue in Business Activities

  • We are based in United States, our customers do not need to worry about language barrier, time difference or any other problems they may face while working with other countries.

On time Actions

  • Being late means losing money or profit. Thus, we do everything to avoid any delays and take on time actions to provide the sustainability and quality in transactions.

24/7 Customer Support

  • We promise that we will not leave our customers without response.
  • Our customer will not hear machines on the phone, but they will speak to real people who are dedicated to assist with their best.